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Importing a Project into CCS


  1. Download a project. Here’s one in a ZIP file that you can right-click and download:
  2. Unzip the downloaded file in your Code Composer Studio’s workspace.
  3. Launch Code Composer Studio.
  4. There are many ways to import a project. Here is the way I do it: On the File Menu, select ‘Import…’
  5. On the Import Screen unroll the ‘Code Composer Studio’ group and select ‘Existing CCS Eclipse Projects’. Click Next.
  6. Click the ‘Browse’ Button. Find your way to CCS’s workspace and select the project’s folder.
  7. Properly selected project should result in a import screen that looks similar to:
  8. Click ‘Finish’.
  9. The resultant CCS screen should now look similar to: CSS_WITH_IMPORTED_PROJECT
  10. Congrats! You’ve imported a project into CCS!

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