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Uploading a CSS Project to a TI Launchpad Board


  1. Import a project into CCS.
  2. Select the root of the project. Screen should look similar to: CSS_WITH_IMPORTED_PROJECT
  3. Connect a TI Launchpad to your computer via USB.
  4. On the ‘Run’ Menu, select ‘Debug’. (note: Hitting F11 on the keyboard performs the same function)
  5. You may see a pop up window talking about ‘Low Power Modes’. It is okay to check ‘Do Not Display This Again’ and then ‘Proceed’.
  6. CCS will now shift over to the ‘Debug Perspective’ and should look like this:Debug_screen
  7. At this point, your code has been uploaded onto the Launchpad and code execution has commenced, but has been paused on the first line of the ‘main’ method. Press F8 to unpause.
  8. Find the red square in the ‘Debug’ tab of the ‘Debug Perspective’ and click it. (It should be on the upper left of the CSS window.) This stops the debugger and releases the Launchpad board to operate without the need of the computer.StopDebugger
  9. Since your code has been uploaded, you can unplug your Launchpad from your computer and use it wherever you plan to use it.

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