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Free Samples from TI

The Free samples from TI arrived today. One ULN2803 8 channel Darlington Driver, and two variants of the MSP430G2 chips.

Free stuff is cool 🙂


Police Lightbar Sim For Launchpad – Rev 1

Ported the previously posted Police Light Sim to Launchpad this evening. Here’s the results:


Not bad, but it needs to better. I’ll look at the Whelen light bar flashing sequences again.

–Insert code here–

One problem I ran into was ram. The sequencing array was on the edge if using up all the ram. A more efficient storage is needed!


Testing out the Launchpad

Well the two launchpads i ordered arrived via FEDEX 2nd Day shipping. Not bad for just under $9 USD! After the kids were in bed, I sat down for about two hours to play with the code and figure some things out.

The very first thing to jump out at me was the opportunity to make the code much easier to write and read by way of abstracting the super technical stuff into a library of sorts. I’m no where near done, but here’s the initial header and source files for the ‘library’ I’m creating.

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Police Lightbar Sim On Arduino

One of my long time dreams, as silly as this is, was to have a police car with working lightbar on my model railroad layout. Now, there are plenty of ‘flasher’ circuits out there, but I have yet to find one that’s worth the money.

On one of the many deployments I had in the Navy, I took advantage of the free time and technical resources and really beefed up my working knowledge of solid state electronics. Being underway on a submarine means no internet connectivity, so I had no way to research common ‘beginner’ circuits and ICs. This led me to build massive logic ciruits of out the basic building blocks: AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR and NOT gates.

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They’re heeeeeere!

Looks like the two launchpads I ordered a mere two days ago have already arrived! Now the fun begins!!!