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Site Cleanup & Tweaks

Thanks to Tim for pointing out that the Basic Electricity 101 pages were clipping when viewed on mobile browsers (or extremely narrow desktop browsers). I *think* it’s been cleaned up and fixed.

Also, some performance issues were addressed and hopefully the site is more stable and faster now.




WIP: Police Lightbar Physical Prototype

Between dealing with a terrible manager at work, switching jobs and the family being perpetually sick, all hobby dollars and time were sucked into the void. 🙁 The parts I ordered from finally arrived recently, so I finished up the initial attempt at building a light bar.

And it was a total failure. The 1206 SMD LEDs weren’t getting good connection and some where blowing out. So I scrapped it and started fresh.

I hit upon a decent manufacturing process and refined it in the build, so the current (2nd) prototype still needs improvement but is infinitely more stable than the first. Solder traces are not very tidy, wire management could be better, etc, etc. But it works and sure looks purty!