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Sometimes Linux is Simple….

Sometimes Linux is simple. Other times, its a PITA.Compiling Code for MSP430 via Text Editor and Command Line on Ubuntu Linux As part of resurrecting a older laptop that hasn’t been used in a while, I needed an OS to go onto it. Lacking any Windows licenses, I returned to my roots of Linux. Ubuntu is the current hot linux distro and one that I am familiar with, so it was a natural choice.

One of the first things i wanted to accomplish was to get Code Composer Studio installed and working so I could continue R&D of the Launchpad. I’ve got a loooong list of things I’d like to research, develop and share, but seemingly never a proportional amount of time to do those things in. Heh, such is life.

Well I made the assumption that TI Launchpad development would be harder on Linux and so I unfortunately went looking for solutions before I actually had the problems. Spun my wheels for a good little bit, but in the end I realized that TI hasn’t written any USB drivers for CCS yet. That’s a kill for using CCS to upload programs to the MSP430 chips.

The fall back is the good old command line. Much to my surprise, using a text editor to write the code and cmd line to compile and upload the program was actually *easier* than setting up a project in CCS. As seen in the picture above, you need to enter 4 commands on the command line (Compile, erase chip, upload to chip, run on chip) and, voila, you’re program is uploaded to the MSP430.

Granted, there are still lots of things to work out and this was the simplest of tests. But it does lead me to think that CCS may not be needed for those who just want to download a compiled program and upload it to a MSP430.

More to come in the following days…

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