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0805 SMD Resistors Came in the Mail

Work on the 1:24 Whelen Liberty Lightbar continues. My order of 0805 SMD resistors 0805 SMD resistorsI ordered from Garrett Electronics Corporation via arrived in the mail yesterday, so I was able to mount them onto the lightbar. Goodness me those things are small! I’ve got to find some better techniques at soldering if I want to ever tackle a project using 0603 LEDs/resistors….

My apologies for the dark pictures, but I haven’t figured out a good lighting solution yet and the iPhone camera really works best with a lot of light.

0805 SMD resistorsHere is a shot of them mounted on the underside of the light bar. The lightbar itself is only 50mm wide, 10mm deep and 4mm tall. Talk about a pain to solder in place!

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