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Update: 1:24 Model of a Whelen Liberty (44″) lightbar

The lightbar project work continues!ModelWhelenLightbar-Crop01 All the proper ohm value SMD resistors *finally* arrived in the mail, and a few short evening work sessions later, the resistors are in place, dud LED light modules replaced and leads carefully soldered in… we have an operational Lightbar!

Now, the front 3 Red and 3 Blue are electrically different than the rear 3 Red and 3 Blue, so add in the working center takedown and 2 alley lights, there are 15 independent LED modules on this bar. However, the software that was on the MSP430 I hooked them up to only was written for the front 3 Red and 3 Blue only, so the bar is not flashing at its full potential…. yet!

Here’s a short video that’s a bit out of focus. I didn’t catch the focus issue when I uploaded it because it was well past midnight 🙂 Once I update the software I’ll film a higher quality version.

1:24 Model Whelen Liberty Police Lightbar from claymore1977 on Vimeo.

3 Responses to Update: 1:24 Model of a Whelen Liberty (44″) lightbar

  1. Robert S Mantaski says:

    When will you be ready to sell this lightbar. I will need along with the take downs and alley lights, red/red front and back. Let me know your progress and options.

  2. Dave L Dave L says:

    I’m still experimenting with various scales (1:43, 1:64, 1:87.1) and fabrication processes. It’s 100% hand made so it’s time intensive.

    What scale are you looking for Robert?

  3. Robert S Mantaski says:

    Mostly 1:24 scale

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