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CMRI Emulation on a MPS430 Update #01

lp4mrr - CMRI Emulation on a MPS430

I’ve been hacking away at getting the CMRI Emulation working on the Launchpad. When it comes to a standalone unit, it is currently working like a champ. Getting multiple Launchpads to talk on the same serial bus has been quite unsuccessful thus far. Next endeavor is to use Shift registers and ramp up the number of Inputs and Outputs off of a single Launchpad.

logo-jmri - CMRI Emulation on a MPS430

A single launchpad that handles massive amounts of IO via Shift Registers is not the most user friendly approach. I would prefer to either hookup multiple Launchpads via the USB ports on them, or use a single USB connection and have multiple Launchpads share the Serial bus. Both of those approaches are problematic at this time, and more research is needed. For now, I’m going to get the Shift Registers angle tackled.

Here’s a link to the CSS5 project.

And here’s a video:

CMRI Emulation on a Launchpad 430G2553 from claymore1977 on Vimeo.

TODO List for CMRI on Launchpad

  1. Test chaining multiple launchpads together, with different addresses, via Pins 1.1 and 1.2
  2. Increase Baud Rate higher than 9600
  3. Test multiple launchpads sharing the same address, but handling different ranges of IO bits.
  4. Clean up, consolidate and minify code.
  5. Experiment with using Shift registers to increase a single Launchpad’s capability from 12 IO pins.
  6. Determine which of the MSP430G2 chips can be used besides the ‘top of the line’ 2553
  7. Develop more advanced CMRI nodes other than simple On/Off command and sensing.


-Dave L

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