CMRI Emulation on a MPS430

lp4mrr - CMRI Emulation on a MPS430

I was browsing other people’s blogs, as I’m apt to do in-between software compiles at work, when I ran across Hoffy’s blog post about CMRI Emulation on an Arduino. Computer controlled model railroading is an aspect of the hobby that has fascinated me for many years. Being a certified bit-junkie who loves serial and network communications, this article immediately grabbed my interest.

logo-jmri - CMRI Emulation on a MPS430

I was a impressed at what Hoffy accomplished. But when I read that the project was done in Energia and not CCS5, I felt the familiar spark of a challenge form. So I dove in and attacked the challenge of getting CMRI Emulation working with 100% native c through CCS5. I decided to do a total rewrite rather than try to glue several people’s code together and end up with FrankenProject. (Done that, it’s not pretty)

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